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Add your business so people can find you

You can add your business to Love Salisbury for free. You need to be listed so we can provide visitors with a searchable directory, that includes Google map and directions right from their mobile device.

Benefits of listing

  • Make it easy for visitors to find you
  • Link a voucher to where you are
  • Get added to visitors favourites
  • Update details FREE

Download from the stores

The best way to add your business to our Directory, or add a Voucher to encourage more local and visiting trade, is to download the app and go to the more tab. Then tap 'Adding Your Business'.

If you prefer use the contact details below to email or call us - we'll sort everything from there.

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+44(0) 7938 676 826


App Sprout Limited
Cross Keys House
3rd Floor, 22 Queen Street
Salisbury, SP1 1EY